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How We Created the Coolest Concept in Fitness


It all started in a beer fridge in Brooklyn...


Jimmy conceives of Brrrn❄ concept.
Jimmy and Johnny 👬 meet.
Jimmy learns his wife has cancer.
Jimmy’s wife passes away.
Jimmy moves in with his parents.
Jimmy decides to make Brrrn❄ a reality.
Jimmy speaks with Johnny about Brrrn❄.
Johnny goes back and reviews public health literature 📚about the science of cold. 
Johnny learns benefits of mild cold stress and day dreams about Wisconsin🌨winters.
Johnny tells Jimmy that they should create Brrrn❄ together.
Johnny collates research addendum, prepares trials.
Jimmy and Johnny perform first trial at Sixpoint Brewery in Brooklyn. They love it ❤️️.
Jimmy and Johnny drink a lot of Sixpoint Beer 🍻.
Jimmy and Johnny perform second trial at Bayo’s Ice Factory in Jimmy’s hometown in Pennsylvania.
Jimmy and Johnny implement data 📃 into a research addendum.
Jimmy and Johnny run out of money.
More Coffee ☕.
Jimmy thinks of doing nude-art 🍆 modeling again. Johnny tells him no.
Johnny thinks about a working a 9-5 job again ⏰. Jimmy tells him no.
Jimmy and Johnny watch “The Secret” together with no success.
Jimmy and Johnny meet cold expert and former NASA 🚀 scientist Ray Cronise in Huntsville, Alabama.
Jimmy and Johnny realize they need a business arm💪🏻 to help sell this concept better.
Jimmy makes a phone call to his good friend and former client.
Jimmy and Johnny target their first investor and silent partner.
Jimmy and Johnny recruit acclaimed 🏢 architect, Peter Bryant (SoulCycle ring a bell?), as their architect and second investor.
Peter says yes. They have celebratory beer together 🍻.
Jimmy tells Johnny another epic pun for Brrrn❄ that is about community: Coldture™.
Jimmy and Johnny officially form the business, issue trademarks, develop workout program and begin substantiation of the science.
Jimmy, Johnny and partner begin pitching Brrrn❄ to other investors 💸.
Jimmy and Johnny hear the word “no” 🚫 over 250 hundred times.
Jimmy and Johnny hear the word “Yes” enough times 👍.
Jimmy and Johnny find their location.
Even more coffee ☕.
Jimmy and Johnny begin buildout and recruit instructors and staff.
Jimmy and Johnny submit all of this copy to to their web 🖥 designers, Solmark Creative.
Jimmy and Johnny officially launch Brrrn❄ to the world 🌎.